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  My name's John Campbell and I've been a full time Forex trader for over 20 years. Statistics and probabilities are my specialities and so obviously I've been playing around with betting systems for years. Horse racing and greyhound racing attract the biggest numbers of bettors but horses and greyhounds are just too unreliable, even with so-called inside information. Check the tipster proofing websites to see 99% of the 'experts' lose money.

    Football is much more reliable but even the best teams get beaten by weak teams occasionally. For this reason, goal score bets such as over or under 2.5 goals are popular but here we are usually looking at odds close to evens and so it's clearly not in our favour. Weak teams often defend surprisingly well against strong teams...

     After studying the statistics I eventually came up with a system that produces an over 80% success rate with average odds over 1.40 - clearly a hugely advantageous, winning combination. Some days it's a safe Home win, others an under 2.5 Goals bet and rarely a sure away win.

     This is a seriously profitable system and I will allow limited numbers for 49 a month subscription. With $500 capital you can easily make more than 500 a month and half that in a bad month.  In the Members Area, I post one tip the night before (UK time) with obviously the name of the teams, match time and the country/league. Usually at weekends when there are many more games I post two bets for Saturday and Sunday. Football betting is all year round but better in the European winter season.

    Note that it is our policy to cash out for a profit during the game when using a betting exchange or a bookmaker with in-play betting, rather than simply waiting for the end of the game as this is more profitable. For example, if we are winning 1 - 0 at 50 minutes, we can cash out for a good profit rather than risk the other team scoring a goal and the draw giving us a loss. Results are shown for cashing out and not cashing out - both are profitable.

    With a normal bookmaker, you can place the bet long before the game. With betting exchanges like Betfair, this is sometimes possible but there will be more money available and often better odds in the hour before kickoff. Also, we can place slightly higher odds using the 'In play' option and get them matched a few minutes after the start, assuming a goal is not scored quickly but we don't take bets under 1.30 odds (30 return on 100). Instructions and tips are in the Members Area.

Monthly Recurring Subscription 49.00

   I will email you with username and password.

Thank You.


Betfair exchange is the best but if not allowed in your country then Intertops is recommended.

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10 Day Public Free Trial Results

10 days, 10 wins and 97% clear profit! (Refresh browser to ensure latest data)

I posted 1 football betting tip the night before (UK time) and showed the results here.

Suggested 100 per bet and the results are accumulated here for all to see starting December 4th.

Bets placed with any bookmaker (I use Betfair) - search for team. Starting Capital 500.00


Dec. 4th: Sloboda Tuzla @ 1.45 Win = 542.75

Dec. 5th: Roma @ 1.50 Win = 590.25

Dec. 6th: Porto @ 1.36 Win = 624.45

Dec. 7th: Real Espana @ 1.60 Win = 681.45

Dec. 8th: FC Magdeburg @ 1.70 Win = 747.95

Dec. 9th: St. Mirren (Away win) @ 1.40 Win = 785.95

Dec. 10th Udinese @ 1.55 Win = 838.20

Dec. 11th Guimaraes @1.65 Win = 899.95

Dec. 12th Monaco @1.50 Win = 947.45

Dec. 13th Cukaricki @ 1.40 Win = 985.45